Shrestha Art Gallery

“SHRESTHA ART GALLERY”, Thamel metier in exhibiting, Arts and Paintings of Heritage, Culture and famous tourist destinations of Nepal, along also pleased to proffer for contemporary arts, glass etching and glassdecors, Framings, Interior Decor crafts and other services.

Since 2050 B.S (1993 A.D),  “SHRESTHA GLASS CENTRE” Maharajgunj  branch and “SHRESTHA ART GALLERY” (2075 B.S) Thamel branch, We’ve been providing all types of framings, glasswork etching and decors, various types of paintings, arts, portraits, and Nepali as well as other metalcrafts, woodencrafts and many more interior furnishing services.

Understanding the need of highlighting Nepalese ethnicity but along with globally influenced combinations in our lifestyles, we are pleased to provide affordable as well as luxurious products and services.

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